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autumo ifaceX 1.0.0

  • ifaceX is a powerful & higly-scalable interface exchange enterprise application transfering data from one endpoint to another, such as REST-API's, Databases, CSV files & mails with standard interfaces such as HubSpot.
  • The processing can be highly customized including a flexible target-field-mapping based on formulas. In near future, mapping will be done by a Drag'n'Drop user-interface.
  • Product Presentation

autumo QTools 1.2.0 (Free)

  • QTools is a powerful test data generator suite - The test data generator produces realistic test | mock-up data and includes more than 90 standard field types.
  • Test data export in different formats: XLSX, XLS, CSV, SQL (MySQL syntax) & creating structural test data as well as relations within different test data table outputs.

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  • This site is unfinished and will grow soon. Don't hesitate to contact us via Email.



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More about autumo

autumo is an interdisciplinary company with the following disciplines:

  • Enterprise Applications Products - Distribution, Training & Support of autumo's products.
  • Consulting & Conceptual work in the area of Security & Intelligence - protecting data in IT environments as well as data stored in human brains!
    We are trained to detect inconsistencies and disturbing hidden agendas in different processes & structures.
  • Systemic Management in delicate environments considering technical, cultural, political & psychological dimensions.

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