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«autumo ifaceX simplifies professional IT operations in monitoring their processes and Big Data interface exchange between clouds, databases and web interfaces for companies of any size. It is built to excel in enterprises with settled operation & monitoring»

ifaceX is a secure and scalable platform for exchanging and monitoring enterprise interfaces that transfers data from one endpoint to another, such as REST APIs, databases, clouds, files, mails, etc. with many standard templates, e.g. Spotify, HubSpot, SWIFT, NIST, PayPal, financial APIs, etc., as well as with additional Reader/Writer packages for connecting to FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDav, OpenStack, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Amazon AWS S3, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, BackBlaze B2 Storage.

It also easily runs any process or even programming code that can be monitored. Processing can be fully customized in many ways, including flexible target field mapping based on formulas and data mapping via a drag-and-drop user interface. Therefore, it is also a Big Data mapper tool.

Functional Scheme

ifaceX Scheduler

ifaceX Web

ifaceX Studio

ifaceX Console Tools (CLI)

ifaceX Templates

ifaceX Distributed Deployment

ifaceX Licenses

Further Features

autumo ifaceX 1.3.0 is released!

ifaceX is based on 20 years of experience in IT service provider environments serving enterprises with high data throughput as well as high security and operational requirements.

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