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The autumo Documents module allows you to store any file documents in common databases (e.g., Oracle, MariaDB) or on the file system, and each stored document is full-text indexed so that it can be searched via a web or other user interface. It can extract and read all common Open and MS Office documents and over 80 other file formats! In addition, if available, all metadata fields of a document are stored as well, which can then be searched for as additional fields. Moreover, any programmatic Java object can be indexed and called. The document API consists of clear and documented functionalities.

The free autumo Documents Viewer below demonstrates the ability of the autumo documents module to extract arbitrary files for indexing. The module can be useful in digital forensics or intelligence or in any case where documents need to be stored and searched.

Download: autumo Documents Viewer


  • The documents viewer shows the ability of the autumo documents module to extract any file for indexing.
  • Just drop any document into the app.
  • In order to install autumo Documents UI, you might have to outsmart Microsoft's Defender and Apple's Gatekeeper.

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